20160909_693Few celebrations are as special as a wedding.

Many a couple has spent time daydreaming about their “big day”. A once in a lifetime event (mostly!), a wedding is a day of beauty, love and positive energy. A tremendous amount of thought and effort goes into each wedding, from cakes to flowers to decorations to food, activities and entertainment for guests.

Port Lymne Manor

Port Lymne Manor

We help you create a timeless ceremony you’ll carry with you the rest of your days.

What does a wedding ceremony involve?

Whatever you like!

Releasing of the doves

Releasing of the doves

Your ceremony can include any kind of speeches, text or sayings, rituals, prayers, gifts or exchanges – all free of traditional restrictions and convention.

Where could our wedding take place?



Ceremony in the Lounge so Mum could attend

We work with a number of unique venues across the country and are happy to recommend any of these, but really you could have the ceremony anywhere you like – even at home.

Louise and Callum's Party Ceremony

Louise and Callum’s Party Ceremony


How involved do we have to be in designing our unique wedding ceremony?

As much or as little as you like.

Mostly, we listen – we are happy to meet face-to-face or via Skype. Once we have a clear idea of your hopes and aspirations, we’ll present you with a unique combination of style, content and ideas that we hope you’ll love.

As formal members of FOIC, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you should you need help with any particular aspect of planning your big day.

Everybody is unique. We’ll keep chipping away at your draft script until… it just “clicks”.

Why would I choose Life’s Ceremonies over a traditional/church wedding?

Religious ministers and registrars must adhere to certain guidelines concerning the content of your ceremony – especially the words used. Ceremonies we conduct follow only one set of rules – yours.

If you want something special, we’re here for you20160909_799

Are your ceremonies legally binding?

Not on their own.

Our ceremonies are not “legal” marriages in the eyes of the law, but are a special celebration of your future lives together.

For more detail and our recommended approach to a legal marriage, please refer to our FAQ.


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