Wedding Ceremonies


Wedding Ceremonies are what I do, well

mostly, I do other ceremonies too like Baby Namings, Vow Renewals and Handfasting.


But this is the season for Wedding Ceremonies and it is getting off to a good start with a Vow Renewal blessing for a 25th Wedding Anniversary.  20160521_64aIt had been arranged for some time and everyone was looking forward to it.  Sharon and Peter went for a simple but lovely ceremony telling their story of the last 25 years which also included their daughter reading out her own take on life with her parents, which had them both in tears!   Emotional as the ceremonies can be it is a lovely emotion with tears of happiness and such love, then afterward there is the party of the celebrations.   Often this is when I disappear and leave the family and friends to enjoy everything.

Sharon and Peter with their children

Sharon and Peter with their children

When you start on the journey with the family, writing their script for their unique ceremony you do become involved with them but once the ceremony is over it is a family affair, we have just been allowed an insight to a beautiful relationship and family.

After Sharon and Peter’s ceremony I settled myself knowing that my next ceremony was not for a fortnight, 2nd June, so I had some time to bring everything together for Kirsty and Roy’s special wedding.  Again a ceremony that I am really looking forward to but with some poignant moments when they light a memorial candle and release some doves to remember relatives they have lost some quite recently.  Of course I do have other scripts that I am working on too, each one unique and so different that I am really lucky to be part of them all.   As I skip from one to the other it is like talking to one friend and having a really good catch up and then chatting to another, you swop from one world to another.

However I was to be shaken from my lazy time by a text from celebrant friend on Tuesday night around 9.30pm asking me if I would be free to do a wedding ceremony the next day.  At first I thought she was kidding me, but no a Bride had contacted her wishing to have a ceremony the next day.   We chatted about whether it was possible and I decided that I would give it a go.   Generally I like to take time to get to know my couples and their story and what they would like in their ceremony and consult with them all along the way, which again takes time.    The shortest time I have had to do a ceremony was three weeks because they had found that the Bride’s mother had cancer and they did not know how long she would have and wanted to have their ceremony with her.  It was a lovely ceremony again, they are all lovely ceremonies.

I contacted the couple and spoke to the Groom and  I was then glad I had decided to go ahead with it because again their decision to have such a rushed ceremony was because they found themselves in similar circumstances.   We had a very quick discussion about what they required and he left it all to me.   The ceremony was to be held at the parents home in the garden.

I had a late night and an early morning putting together an appropriate script and gather together all that a ceremony required.   At first it was scheduled for 2pm but several texts during the night and early morning brought it forward to 12pm.   We actually manage to arrive before 12pm and found that everything had been set up in the lounge, mainly because of the cold wind.   Everyone had been very busy with flowers all over the house and banners in the lounge.   Mum was looking lovely as ill as she obviously was.   The bed had been positioned so she would be the first to see the Bride enter the room.   The Bridesmaids were rushing around getting the Bride ready and it seemed that all the men where just gathering around the Groom.

Eventually the Bride was ready so everyone gathered in the lounge for the ceremony.   Once the Bride arrived we turned round so that Mum could see the whole ceremony and I stood at the end of her bed.20160525_179

There were lots of tears and laughter during the ceremony, which is always nice and it was a lovely intimate feeling within the room.   Mum and Dad where holding hands all the way through.   Afterward Mum thanked me and said it was a beautiful ceremony and she had really loved it.    Job done!

The Kiss

The Kiss



We  had a quick sip of champagne with everyone and then said our goodbyes.   It might have been a last minute arrangements but so far one of the most beautiful wedding yet…….although I think that about most of my ceremonies but this one was really special.

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