We love Wedding Fairs

We love wedding fairs! it gives us the opportunity to talk to lots of couples that have never heard of a Celebrant led ceremony.  Those that have, we confirm what they can expect and almost always we get lovely feedback.   Often couple have already booked their venue and the registrar but once they find out how flexible our ceremonies are they regret that they didn’t come and see us first.  However, I am sure that  they will still enjoy their day after all it is all about their commitment to each other, if they don’t they can always consider a Vow Renewal with us at a later date.  Sandwich feb 2018

This last weekend we had a great time talking to everyone. In particular we were talking to a Bride to be who was with her parents looking out options,  I happened to mention to the parents that they could have another party and have vow renewals to which they replied they were already thinking of that for their 25th anniversary.  I told them all their options and they then realised they could hold it in their very large garden too.  They all went away with lovely smiles.   I am hopefully going to hear from them all again!

Howfield Manor Feb 2018

Wedding Fair

Today it is Valentine’s Day, and I know there will be lots of couples choosing this day for their engagement day.  Congratulations if you have!   I will look forward to talking to you both at forthcoming fairs and in particular we will be at the Howfield Manor Wedding Fair this Sunday.  Do come along and find us and talk through all the options that open up to you when you have a Celebrant led ceremony.   I am so excited to meet you all!  Such a lovely feeling helping couples with their choices and often telling them that they do have choices!

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