Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal

Think back to your wedding day. What do you remember most about? Was it the beautifully decked-out venue? The painstakingly-crafted wedding dress? The exquisite wedding cake? The agonising over what song to choose for the first dance?

As each year passes, those memories will slowly be eclipsed by something bigger – your jouney with the person to whom you committed your life that day.

Your vows

The words you exchanged on your wedding day haven’t changed, but they have taken on a far deeper meaning. With each little test, trial and tribulation, your vows have evolved from embodying your hopes and aspirations to a success story that you continue to write together every day.Hugh and Jill 2500 x 2000

Your vows are the ethereal bond that unites you both.

Celebrating the journey

With a little help from us, these magical words can form the basis of a special ceremony to commemorate the journey you’ve made together so far.20160521_64a

You can choose to do this in front of family, friends or just as a private moment between the two of you. Some people even choose to make a vow renewal part of another celebration. If you wished you could have a Celtic Handfasting or you can include elements of a handfasting .

What I meant to say was…

Although we believe in the power of your original words to each other, you may wish to take this opportunity to either renew those vows or create new vows that will reflect what you have been through together and your future intentions to each other now that you are both older and wiser.

As with all of our ceremonies, your vow renewal can be held anywhere you like.