The Great Higham Wedding

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The Great Higham Wedding was held last Saturday

Ceremony area

Ceremony area

and although very windy was warm weather, so good for an outdoor ceremony.


The Bride and Groom didn’t want a long ceremony but, both being musicians, they had a Choir singing which was truly lovely.    They walked down the aisle together followed by their four little flower girls all holding a bunch of lovely dried flowers.  The Choir sang Mo Ghile Mear on their entrance and we waited for it to finish before commencing the ceremony.

While the Bride and Groom where struggling to light their Unity Candle in the wind, the Choir started to sing The Blue Bird by Stanford, which was beautiful.  We did sit and listen to the end of the song and it was so moving.

At the end of the Ceremony the Choir then sang Brindis Chours from La Traviata by Verdi, and although the Bride and Groom walked back down the aisle they halted at the end to listen up to the end of the song, of which the Choir got a rousing applause from the Bride and Groom and all their guests!

After that the guests where served with wine and the party began.

I know I have said it before but each ceremony is so different from any other and it is so wonderful to be part of each one and know that you had helped create that unique ceremony for each special couple, it is a most rewarding job.

On other notes, as most of my ceremonies appear to be outdoors nowadays,  I have now invested in a microphone system that can be used outdoors and in woods and fields and in high winds!   The system is run off internal batteries and has a portable mic for me and hand held ones for those that are elected to speak or read at the ceremonies.   Often I have been given a portable mic but the family or friends could not use it so they were not being heard by all the guests.  I am hoping that it will solve this problem.  It will also play pre recorded music if needed but I may have to make a charge for someone to operate it for me.  My next ceremony is in a field and a week after I have one in the middle of woods and them up into a field (testing out the portability of the speaker!) so it will be put to good use straight away.

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