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More Good News

More good news!

We now have a facebook page that relates to general information that could help you before you have to organise a Funeral and for when you have to arrange a Funeral.   We are hoping to continue to give you as much information as possible to help reduce your costs and also to look at natural funerals.   For the page look for lifeceremonies say goodbye naturally.

We are also hoping to launch our new website in the next few days,  there is something to see now but it hasn’t had its final tweeking so bear with us but again lots of information for you and if you wish for other information or think we should include something that we have missed let us know through the contacts page.



Death Cafe 24th February

The date for our next Death Cafe is Wednesday 24th February, 7pm at the Cosy Kettle, Hamstreet, Kent.   The Cosy Kettle is opposite the Shop/Post Office in Hamstreet.  Please do come along, it is an evening of discussing how death effect us or you in particular,  how we deal with death, our experiences of death.   It isn’t morbid but a very open discussion to help people through losing a loved one, coping with someone dying or just a what you think about death and dying.   Coffee and cake will be available to be purchased, our contribution to the owners of the cafe for allowing us to use their venue free of charge.

Good things all round

by Sheila Ellis

We had a lovely meeting with Katie and Jon this morning to discuss their ceremony,  such a lovely and loving couple it was a delight to talk with them.  Also lovely that at the end of the meeting they are so excited about the ceremony and looking forward to their day.

Once back home, we had a message from a FD asking if David was free for another funeral, this time from a lady who had attended a funeral that David had taken a couple of months ago and ask for him in particular.  That is also lovely, it show that we are getting things right for you all out there.


Meetings are good

by Sheila Ellis

We have a long but very good meeting yesterday with the lovely Holly from The Curved Coffin.  Holly is helping us to put on the Death Show in Tenterden and we have now decided that the show will be called “Reflections on Death and Dying”.    There will be talks from very knowledgable people from 10.30 until 3.30pm, each talk will last half an hour with a fifteen minute interval.   Several people have already signed up to be there so it is all very exciting!

We went into one of our favourite coffee shops in HamStreet the other day, The Cosy Kettle, just for a coffee and the Owner said she was glad we had gone in because only an hour before she had been talking to someone about our Death Cafes, which we hold at her establishment, and they were interested in coming along to the next meeting in February.  Nothing better than word of mouth.

Last week, we bumped into Karina from Simply Ceremonies UK so we had a lunch and catch up about weddings ceremonies, venues  and Wedding fairs etc.  which again was lovely.

Monday I have a first meeting with one of my couples to go through their ceremony and what they will wish to include, all very exciting again because each ceremony is different and you never know what will be requested but everything can be achieved.

David has a meeting tomorrow night with a Gentleman who has recently lost his wife, he said that David had come highly recommended to him so he is looking forward to meeting him.

All good, all good !

Celebration over

by Sheila Ellis

So all the annual winter celebrations are now over, we have had a good Christmas, celebrated with family, a very quiet New Year and now my Birthday is out of the way.   David treated me to visiting Kensington Palace, very interesting as with all the old buildings.  It is hard to believe that when first built it was in the countryside away from the big city!   We then had high tea at the Royal Garden Hotel, lovely and highly recommend their veggie option sandwiches.   After tea we made our way to theatre land and dodged the rain by going into The Strand Hotel for a coffee while we waited for our Theatre to open its doors.   Lion King was fabulous and another recommendation if you haven’t seen it.  Brilliant costumes and singing.


Bit different today with a quiet walk on the beach with the dogs.

It will be back to almost normal in the coming weeks.   I have already taken bookings for 2017 and I haven’t been to any wedding fairs this year yet.   The first one is at the beginning of next month, will post closer to the time.

Other exciting things to come will be our first venture into organising a show that will show everyone that there are options to everything to do with funerals.  We are doing this in partnership with Holly and Andy of The Curved Coffin.   We are waiting to hear that our venue has been approved then it will be all systems go with letting everyone know more details.

We are still working on our posters and promotions for The Healing Weekend so another item to watch out for.

Busy, busy year along with all the weddings, vow renewals and baby namings coming up.