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The Healing Weekend 8th – 10th July 2016

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The Healing Weekend is a brilliant weekend held in Somerset on 8th -10th July 2016.  This will be the second year we have attended, last year we took over an outside pitch at the last minute from a friend who has a year on year booking but could not make it so offered the pitch.   We had never even heard of the weekend before this but thought we would give it ago.   The organisers could not have been more helpful and the whole weekend was brilliant, such a lot going on and to keep people occupied.  We were befriended by lots of other stall holders and also the lady who was running the Cafe, so much so that we felt like one of the ‘family’ very quickly.     The weather threw everything at us but it was still enjoyable and lovely meeting all the people passing by.   We were offering Handfastings, and as an Energy Healer, Healing too plus we had taken some of our friends wooden gifts to sell for them.   We enjoyed it all so much that we decided before we left that we would book our own pitch for this year!    We talked to Ron, who organises pitches, and he has given us a great pitch in the large back field, we will have enough room for our large caravan and awning and we  will also be able to put up a lovely arch for Handfastings near by.    I will also be offering Healing again and this will be set up in the Awning,  David is looking to give a talk on Reflecting Death and Dying and also maybe hold a Death Cafe in our Awning.  But our main objective will be giving heartfelt Handfastings for couples.    Elaine, organiser, has already posted our poster onto The Healing Weekend facebook page so I thought I would add it here for you all to see.  Poster for 2016 Please do get in touch if you are interested in having a Handfasting.    Oh yes and another plus is that we can take our two little tibetan terriers with us.

Meet Russ and Pepper!Pepper and Russ

Handfasting News

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Handfasting News, I have been booked for a very private Handfasting Ceremony that will be performed in the couples garden somewhere in Leicestershire, yes I do know where but the couple want privacy. To me this is what a ceremony is all about, the commitment to each other.

Even though this Handfasting with be a very private affair for the couple and their close family is will be a full handfasting, with the quarters called, calling on Father sky and Mother earth and offering of food and drink to Mother earth as well as the all important part of the actual tying of the knot. It will all be so spiritual and special for them that I fear I may have tears when vows are exchanged.

Last year we, David and I, were privileged to write and conduct a Handfasting for a lovely couple but this time it included all their family and friends and they asked if the children could be included too. They too had the ceremony in their garden, amongst the apple and pear trees, the area was perfect for a circle and also they already had a tree stump with a top on for drinks which we used for the Anscestors Candle to be included in the circle. It all worked perfectly. They had ‘Gatekeepers’ to the circle and all the guests where smudge before allowed to stand in the circle. David told the guests what to expect while I waited at the house with the Bride and her maids and some of the children. Our signal to proceed to the circle was David drumming and I would drum us to the waiting circle. However, one of the children was very curious about my drum so I gave it to him to lead us drumming into the circle. He was of course thrilled and it was perfect.


Setting up the Altar

Setting up the Altar

Drumming the Circle with the Ancestral Candle in the foreground

Drumming the Circle with the Ancestral Candle in the foreground

During the ceremony the couple lite the anscestral candle, lite their unity candle, exchanged rings that had been blessed by all forming the circle, exchanged their vows, had their hands tied and we also had a very special part which included mums and children. It was a very special ceremony that had a lot of input from everyone and was therefore enjoyed by all. There was a big party in the garden afterwards which we were invited to attend but unfortunately we had another ceremony the next day and wanted to keep ourselves fresh for that couple. We have had some super feedback from the couple since and I know they so enjoyed it they wanted to have another one lol. Maybe a Vow Renewal in a few years time. Who knows. And yes the Vow Renewal ceremony the next day was equally as specially and the couple had asked for a hand tying to be included as well as all their children to have a part too. A total different but equally as special ceremony but that is what we are all about. Beautiful and special ceremonies for all our couples.

Valentine Weekend, hope you have a lovely time

I am a little early I know, but I hope you all have a really special Valentine Weekend and day.  For those of you planning that special little surprise for your partners, you have time to get over your celebrations before coming along to this wedding fair and having a talk about what a Celebrant led Ceremony can offer you, you would be in for more surprises.   Looking forward to meeting you and talking about your cerebrations.Broome Park 21 Feb 2016

Whitstable Wedding Fair February 2016

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I wasn’t sure how today would pann out, a) I am getting over cold and am at the coughing stage, which is not the best when you are expecting to talk to several couples.  b) the weather was forecast not to be good.

The morning didn’t actually start out good when we were late setting off, we got to the Marine hotel with about ten minutes to spare to opening.   Then David realised he has left my banner on the driveway!  So he had to come back home to collect it, which was just as well because we had quite a lot of rain here in our absence.   Given those two things, one lady came upto me and complimented me on the set out of the stall and how quickly I had managed it, saying that I must be used to setting up at wedding fairs.   I suppose I am really and it must have looked to good to everyone else who were set up and waiting to see this person blow in at the last minute and have everything looking good by the time it was opened, wish it was supposed to have been that way!  The lady was with her daughter and it was their first wedding fair so that had arrived as early as possible, and as it was opened to exihibitors at 8am  that could have been very early!

To begin with the fair was slow but towards lunch time it started to pick up with lots more couples and families passing through,  I think I managed to talk to most and although some had already booked their wedding and venue there were those that were still not sure what they wanted and they were interested in a Celebrant led ceremony and the options and choices that it gave them.  There was at least one couple who had booked with the registry office but once I spoke to them were regreting it but having paid deposits it was too late for them to change their mind.    One lady who hadn’t booked a venue was quite open about the fact that she would probably go for a church weddng but took a leaflet ‘just in case’.   It good that couples now have a variety of choices and that is what we are all about.  I have no problems with couples going with the Church or Registry Office so long as they have been informed about all choices.

The Marine Hotel does have three Registry Office licenced rooms but they are still opened to helping a couple who wished to have a Celebrant wedding and took some of my leaflets so they could hand them out to those interested.

So what started as a bad start to the day ended up being a good day and it was and always is a pleasure talking to everyone.  Oh yes and the coughing was kept to a minimum and I managed to hold off whilst talking to anyone.

Not sure what I am doing here but it was at the start

Not sure what I am doing here but it was at the start

Some of my co-exhibitors

Some of my co-exhibitors

More exhibitors around the corner

More exhibitors around the corner

All systems are now go!

More good news,  we have now had confirmation that our chosen venue is willing to allow us to hold our show onn Relections on Death and Dying.  So now all systems are go, we have quite a few people waiting to hear from us on this confirmation.   The date is already set, it will be the Saturday 23rd April 2016 and will be held at the Zion Baptist Church Hall, Tenterden.   It is a fabulous venue with a large front room, usually the Church area, a smaller room at the rear with a kitchen and a room upstairs where  we are hoping to hold talks, and although it is upstairs the venue does have a disabled lift, which is perfect!  More news on who will be at the venue will be given later.   We have a meeting with our friends and the people who run the venue on Friday morning.   They are all very keen to make it a success and we have some good feedback from the leaders of the Church, who I know wish to work with us on this project.  It is so exciting!

Staying on theme, we are also holding a ‘Death Cafe’ on the 24th February 2016, at the Cosy Kettle, Hamstreet at 7.30pm, please do come along and have coffee and cake (not free unfortunately but the venue is) and  to chat about any concerns you have to do with Death, Dying or Funerals.   This is our second ‘Death Cafe’ and the first one was so relaxed and in its way fun to chat and air concerns and tell our stories tragic and funny, so come along and join us.

More Good News

More good news!

We now have a facebook page that relates to general information that could help you before you have to organise a Funeral and for when you have to arrange a Funeral.   We are hoping to continue to give you as much information as possible to help reduce your costs and also to look at natural funerals.   For the page look for lifeceremonies say goodbye naturally.

We are also hoping to launch our new website wwww.saygoodbyenaturally.co.uk in the next few days,  there is something to see now but it hasn’t had its final tweeking so bear with us but again lots of information for you and if you wish for other information or think we should include something that we have missed let us know through the contacts page.



Death Cafe 24th February

The date for our next Death Cafe is Wednesday 24th February, 7pm at the Cosy Kettle, Hamstreet, Kent.   The Cosy Kettle is opposite the Shop/Post Office in Hamstreet.  Please do come along, it is an evening of discussing how death effect us or you in particular,  how we deal with death, our experiences of death.   It isn’t morbid but a very open discussion to help people through losing a loved one, coping with someone dying or just a what you think about death and dying.   Coffee and cake will be available to be purchased, our contribution to the owners of the cafe for allowing us to use their venue free of charge.

Good things all round

by Sheila Ellis

We had a lovely meeting with Katie and Jon this morning to discuss their ceremony,  such a lovely and loving couple it was a delight to talk with them.  Also lovely that at the end of the meeting they are so excited about the ceremony and looking forward to their day.

Once back home, we had a message from a FD asking if David was free for another funeral, this time from a lady who had attended a funeral that David had taken a couple of months ago and ask for him in particular.  That is also lovely, it show that we are getting things right for you all out there.


Meetings are good

by Sheila Ellis

We have a long but very good meeting yesterday with the lovely Holly from The Curved Coffin.  Holly is helping us to put on the Death Show in Tenterden and we have now decided that the show will be called “Reflections on Death and Dying”.    There will be talks from very knowledgable people from 10.30 until 3.30pm, each talk will last half an hour with a fifteen minute interval.   Several people have already signed up to be there so it is all very exciting!

We went into one of our favourite coffee shops in HamStreet the other day, The Cosy Kettle, just for a coffee and the Owner said she was glad we had gone in because only an hour before she had been talking to someone about our Death Cafes, which we hold at her establishment, and they were interested in coming along to the next meeting in February.  Nothing better than word of mouth.

Last week, we bumped into Karina from Simply Ceremonies UK so we had a lunch and catch up about weddings ceremonies, venues  and Wedding fairs etc.  which again was lovely.

Monday I have a first meeting with one of my couples to go through their ceremony and what they will wish to include, all very exciting again because each ceremony is different and you never know what will be requested but everything can be achieved.

David has a meeting tomorrow night with a Gentleman who has recently lost his wife, he said that David had come highly recommended to him so he is looking forward to meeting him.

All good, all good !