Spring is here and Summer just around the corner!

13178032_1777143535838609_8123728401776466708_n[1]Spring is here at last, it always seems a long time before you start to see the first few spring flowers, when they start showing through, I get quite excited especially for the warmer and longer days.    I love seeing the first flowers and the flowering bushes in my garden.   Our Camellia bush is more a climber than a bush because it has, over the years, climbed up another tree and it is generally the first to flower, sometimes as early as January!   Because it has climbed, we can see it from the house and the blooms are really lovely, the next bush/tree to flower is the lovely magnolia, I absolutely adore this tree/bush so was so pleased to find one already in situ when we bought the property.  The blooms are simple stunning but can be scattered quite quickly with a fierce wind!


What has all this rambling to do with weddings?   Well spring is also the start of the romantic season.   I13102769_1777143382505291_3302126654012367578_n[1]t probably starts with Valentine day, when a lot of couples get engaged and start the planning of their special day be it two years hence or a few months.  It is always an exciting time and we are generally found a one or two Wedding fairs around this time, talking through ceremony options that each couple can have.     Next is the start of the season of ceremonies.   The outdoor weddings are the favourites especially when the weather is good, but I have also conducted ceremonies in pouring rain and it does not take anything away from the commitment of two lovely people and if it is a Handfasting the rain is part of the elements.   A popular time for ceremonies is when the bluebells are in bloom.   A bluebell wood is such a lovely setting and the smell is divine!


One the bluebells flowers have gone then our thoughts start to prepare us for our annual trek to Somerset for The Healing Weekend!   A lovely working holiday weekend for us.   We get to hold Handfastings on the field, meet such lovely people and I also get to do some Healing too.    However, our ceremonies on the field are not limited to 20841207_2001182333434727_1134520107697937953_n[1]Handfastings because we can do Vow Renewals and Baby Namings too.   So, if you are around Somerset July 12th,13th & 14th do come along and see for yourself why we enjoy this weekend so much.

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