Royal Wedding has been announced

A Royal Wedding has been announced and we are to expect it in the Spring of next year!   Huge Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle on their engagement, it is just the kind of news we need for the forthcoming year.  What a year it is going to be for the Royal Family, with a Wedding and a new Baby due around July!

I wonder what we can expect for the wedding, will it be a low key affair?  Or Westminster Abbey?   Will there be time for everyone to be invited and accept?  Afterall lots of Royals around the world have full diaries before the year begins, will there be cancelations?  I know I would be loath to cancel a Wedding I would be conducting if it clashed,  but I might be persuaded to actually mention that wedding too, but only if my Bride and Groom were up for it.   It is sometime taken as an honour to be married on the same date as a Royal, it has even been known for couples to move their date to the same day.  However others try to avoid it at all costs because they will be aware that their guest would wish to be viewing the Royal wedding on television.  However they could arrange to have it screened, wonder how many will?  I am sure there will be lots of speculation of Meghan’s dress, will it follow the type that Kate wore or will she go for the low cut effect?

It would be lovely if Prince Harry and Meghan decided to include a  hand tying within their ceremony,  how spiritual would that be?   I know that they could not have a full handfasting officially but I am always available if they wanted one afterwards on the lawns of Buckingham Palace!   Jumping the broom into their next stage of their lives together would be wonderful.  Come on Buck Palace give me that call!   Start a new tradition for the Royals to have two ceremonies, one formal and the really spiritual one to connect to the earth and all nature around us!



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