Remembrance Day

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DSC01033For Remembrance Day we were so proud that David was asked by some of our villages if he would conduct a non-religious ceremony.   That happened today and although not a big turnout there were a nice number of people.  We had the two minute silence at 11am. David announced the names of all those village men that had lost their lives in both WWW and we planted a little cross for each under a Willow tree on the green.   DSC01034David then asked each and everyone to offer their own personal memories of the effects that wars had had on their families and friends.   Each was very moving and a few tears were shed.

Once the ceremony had finished we were all invited back to a local farm for refreshments and a chat.   I was talking to a gentlemen whose family has always lived in the village and he now lives in his Grandfather’s house and each and every male of the family had been in the war and fortunately all returned but yet some have been traumatised but they we expected to get on with their lives as usual and they did.   He told me about his mother with him in a pram was used as a target by a german plane while she was walking from her house to her in-laws house and ended up jumping into the hedgerow to get out of the way, once the plane has passed she just continued on her way as though nothing had happened.    It was really good to hear of each persons memories or those memories passed down about how people coped during those war years.

Added to today David is also saying a piece during the Church Remembrance day tomorrow.

Being a Celebrant certainly is fun and you never know what you will be asked to do which is why it is a brilliant job.

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