Not only but also….

Not only but also………. a well known phrase but this comes to mind when thinking of our time at The Healing Weekend this July in Somerset.    We will be offering handfastings on the field under our beautiful archway.   But a little know fact is that I am also a registered Healer with the Kent International Healing Association and will also be offering healing to anyone that requests it.    How we work it is that half of our space is set out as a Healing area and the other half showing what we do as Celebrants, along with a few handfasting cords and ribbons for sale.    The main ceremony area will be opposite out allocated space so not too far to go and we do offer facilities for our couple to change and store anything that they bring along.

Also on the field there are food areas, behind us in the Main field is the large café but also on the back field, where we are positioned is a lovely tea and scones van.   They do the most amazing scones and cakes and are open to offering an afternoon tea for those who wish to celebrant with friends and family after their ceremony with us.

So you can have some lovely healing before your ceremony, then your ceremony and afterwards a celebration with everyone else.   What is not to like!?


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