Merry 2017 Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry 2017 Christmas and a Brilliant 2018 New Year x

We hope you have a Merry 2017 Christmas and are all looking forward to whatever 2018 brings.   There are lots of traditions for both Christmas and New Year that we continue throughout our lives, like how we receive Father Christmas and Santa Claus (which name do you use?).  I do remember my young grandson being very confuse one Christmas when my daughter and I were taking him to see Father Christmas and he asked if he would also get to see Santa Clause too!   He did get to see both and Mrs Clause, who was making real mince pies in their kitchen.

Another traditions that we always have is the ‘first footing’ for New Year.   We always had to make sure that a plate with a piece of coal (for warmth in the new year), a piece of cake or mince pie (so you are always fed in the new year) and some money (so you will always have enough throughout the new year) on and then it had to be put outside on New Year’s eve in readiness.   Just before midnight, if you were not expecting visitors with greetings, then a person (the nearest to a tall, dark haired person) must go outside and wait for midnight to strike before knocking on the door and being allowed in bearing the plate of goodies for the New Year!

There are also great traditions within ceremonies.  In weddings it is the exchanging of rings, the first kiss and of course the exchanging of vows.  Vow Renewals are often a replica of your wedding ceremony,  Baby namings have the promises of the parents and those chosen to help their children through their growing years.  And Handfastings have a more tradition than any other ceremony.  It includes the exchanging of vows, but also the tying of hands or the tying of the knot, plus the jumping of the broom.  It also brings in the traditions of the land, air, fire and water.  They believe much more in nature and included within their ceremonies much more that we do today.  However we do try to bring it back into our modern day type of a Handfasting ceremony.

We hope that you all have a Brilliant Christmas and New Year and do look forward to talking to you about the traditions that you would like to include in your ceremonies.

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