It has been some time……….

I haven’t blogged for a while, as I wrote in my last blog it has been a very busy few weeks.  Although attending my Aunt’s funeral in Lancashire it was lovely catching up with family that I haven’t seen……..   emmm …. probably since the last family funeral,  here are always sad times but also good too.

The rehearsal and Wedding for Sophia and Neil went really well in spite of the cold wind on the top of the hill! 20160917_156 At the beginning the Ceremony was to be held in the woods at Fern and Fields but it was decided that 20160917_302the woods would be too dark so it was transferred to the top of the hill.   The whole ceremony was filled with fun and laughter all the way through right to the last when I had to surprise all their 100 guest by getting them to jump the broom and then form a circle to sing the Hokey Cokey!   You can see by the pictures that they loved jumping the broom and some did it twice.   Everyone joined in with the Hokey Cokey once they realised what I was singing!20160917_322

The wedding fair at Port Lympne was really good, we met lots off couples and some left their emails for us to contact them with more information, I shall be doing so within the next week.

Our holidays in Scotland was very wet, windy and cold but so good again catching up with family, it is such a beautiful scenery and we will be back again next year for a Wedding celebration!

It is amazing that it was only a week ago that we return home having stopped off on the way in Leicester to conduct a family Handfasting.  I did feel for the couple when we had such lovely weather on the Friday and Sunday but Saturday, the day of the ceremony the weather was dier but we still went ahead and held it outside under their willow tree and by their stream.   In spite all of getting very wet the ceremony was lovely and I hope the photographer managed to get some lovely photos.

Since being home I went to see Andy and Lea about their wedding for next May, another very different ceremony.  On Wednesday we went to meet up with Sue and Wyatt again and go through their requirements for their Handfasting after their Church wedding.  This is for later this month   so hoping that the Sun sticks around!

Yesterday saw us at the Discovery Park at Sandwich for our second wedding fair this Autumn.  It was fun meeting up with new suppliers and especially meeting Pete for the very first time.20161009_26320161009_260

Our next wedding fair is next Saturday at the Kent County Cricket Grounds.  If you are going too please do come and introduce yourselves and find out what we could offer you in a ceremony.

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