Handfasting Costumes

Handfasting Costumes are often very important part if the ceremony.  Not all couples decide they wish to dress up in celtic costume plus some couples view it as their wedding ceremony which means full bridal outfits for all.  However, every couple gets to choose whether or not I and/or David dress in costume and what type of costume.

We have a few variations or costumes both celtic type or gothic (believe me I love wearing my long black leather coat just as much as a cloak!)  or, as said, we have dress normally for some ceremonies were the Bride and Groom considered that we might scar off their guests if we were dressed in costume.   It is a choice we are happy to give to our couples, although I have to say it is strange not being in costume to conduct a Handfastings.

My main costume for Handfastings (apart from my cloaks) is quite ‘dressy’ so I thought I needed something a little more down to earth.  I searched out a pattern and material and this is the end result.  I am quite please with it and when my belt with bag and horn are attached I think it looks good.    The under dress can also be worn on its own, again with the belt and accessories, which give even more options!  Two garments for one!New Costume

The first outing for the new garment will be on the 4th of July in Glastonbury, so if you see me walking around do say hello!   I shall also be taking it to The Healing Weekend for all the handfastings on the field, only FOUR WEEKS to go!   As you can probably tell I am really looking forward to showing it off!

I am now thinking of further costumes to add to the wardrobe,  Choice is good!

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