Handfasting at Glastonbury

DSC08813Handfasting at Glastonbury in the Chalice Wells Gardens was always going to be magical.    I was first contacted by Jodie August last year to arrange a handfasting in the Chalice Wells Gardens and was thrilled.   Jodie and her husband Gary were flying over from Australia to tour the UK and wished to renew their vows with a Handfasting ceremony.  Jodie especially wished to visit the Chalice Wells Garden which was very appropriate for some one so keen on the history of King Arthur.

Jodie, Gary and I had never met or skyped in all that time, everything was done through email, which is quite a departure from my usual way of working because I do like to have face to face contact so my couples get to know me and I them.  However, it all worked well just emailing.   There were little hiccups like Jodie’s emails going astray when trying to book the gardens, no one knows why they never received her emails but I stepped in (I don’t usually get involved with booking venues) with Jodie being in Australia and such time differences and I rang the venue and verbally booked on behalf of Jodie and Gary and then sent them the paperwork for them to complete and return both to the venue and myself (in case they again did not receive Jodie’s email) which was a good precaution as they hadn’t received it again so I was able to forward the completed form for them.

Excitement grew for all of us as the day approached.  Jodie, Gary and family flew into England a few days before and travelled around sightseeing.   We hitched up our caravan and travelled over to Somerset,

On the day of the Handfasting we had rain!  In the middle of what was a heatwave covering Britain, we hadDSC08857 rain and it really poured down.  We began to wonder if it would cease before the evening and the Handfasting!   We stayed in our caravan all day and around 4pm it stopped raining so we packed all that we needed (and dogs) into the car and made our way to Glastonbury.   We had only gone a few miles and realise that the road etc where completely dry!   Once we got to the Chalice Wells Gardens and talked to the staff they told us that they had had 20 minutes of rain in the morning and then back to the sunshine……….the cloud must have just stayed over our camp site then!

The Chalice Wells Gardens are beautiful and so peaceful.  So our first meeting was just outside the gardens and I have to say what a beautiful family and Jodie looked stunning.   We had several areas to choose from, some wanted under the trees and others by the healing pool but it was finally decided to hold the ceremony in front of the drinking pool.

The Handfasting went according to script and Jodie and Gary really loved the momenDSC08917t.  The children were included with a Sand Ceremony and I am hoping that the sand stayed in some layers but knowing they would be carrying it all over the UK and then back to Australia I expect it is all as one, which is good because the family were all looking out for each other.


We paDSC09112rted at the end of the evening and wished them the best for the rest of their travels.   As I w

as leaving the member of staff looking after us, said his goodbyes to Jodie, Gary and family and then turned to me and said “We’ll be seeing you again Sheila”, which living in Kent was not really probable and I always thought this would be a one off.   But……………  I may be returning…………… watch this space!

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