Gay Marriages


Gay marriages are now legal and I don’t mean the Civil Ceremonies but proper marriage between same sex couples.  Given this it is very sad that when you have a stand at Wedding Fairs you see too few gay couples attending.

I have had a couple ask about Handfasting and both were up for it, even though it is not an actual marriage ceremony but again the sad part for me was that one of them felt she had to ask me if I was ok with performing a ceremony for gay couple.   Another time there was a couple that were attending a fair but obviously felt ill at ease and they had a third person with them that they were following, could have been a friend or a wedding planner, but the speed that they whizzed by there was no way anyone could have spoken to them if they themselves had wished to talk and again I felt that was very sad.  Surely our fairs are for all couples not just those hetro-sexual couples.  I don’t think any exhibitor would be prejudiced, none that I have ever talked to and certainly I am not, quite the opposite I would love to have more ceremonies for Gay couples be it wedding, vow renewals or even baby namings.   Why oh why do they feel so uncomfortable going around the fairs,  how can we make them more comfortable for them?   All the exhibitors are displaying wares that ALL couples would wish for at their wedding or reception but is there more that are needed?   At the fairs that I have attended there has always been dresses but also suits too.  So if Gay couples do not attend the fair that I attend, where do they go?   Do they arrange everything on line?  Do they go to the unusual wedding fairs because they feel more comfortable?  Do they go looking for those ‘quirky’ exhibitors?   I really would love to know because I would love to work with them and help them produce a ceremony they would love,  I know being a celebrant I am up against it because now they can have a ‘proper’ Registrar marriage, and they may well wish to take up that offer just because they now can. They have fought hard to gain that privilege so I do not blame them for wishing to go down that route, however they still have that options just the same as all other couples and then have a ceremony that is scripted just for them.

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So if you know the answers to the many questions I have posed please do let me know, I really am interested in helping to make things more accessible

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