For all the living and celebration of life that we bring into and share with the world, there is one inescapable truth – it won’t go on forever. As the saying goes, “nothing is certain, except death and taxes”.

A funeral marks the final rite of passage of life, allows family and friends to thank the person and importantly to say a final goodbye. As each one of us is unique, so should our funeral be unique.

Celebrating life

Organising a funeral is challenging, particularly when grieving is what you want to do. Help is at hand. We prepare and deliver funeral services that celebrate life as well as leaving room for understandable sadness. It can include some aspects of religion or spirituality or none at all, the choice is yours.

The final journey

You can have whatever you want to be said at a funeral and it doesn’t have to be in a church, chapel or crematorium. If you think about it early enough, a venue can be found and the burial or cremation can be later. You don’t have to conform or stick to tradition, far more is possible than many consider, the main constraint is imagination.

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Here you will find all the help you need to plan and organise a natural funeral that is beautiful, meaningful and heartfelt. If you know where to look (and we do), you can have something very special.
This site, link is the title, is specifically designed to help you seach for all this information.

Planning ahead

It’s never too soon to think about the end of your journey. In many ways, it can be less painful to know that you will be sent off in the way you’d imagined. Whether you just want some ideas or want to prepare the whole thing, we can help to de-mystify the world of funerals.

We have published a site dedicated to the subject of funerals and saying goodbye in an honest and natural way.