Wedding FAQ

Why choose an independent wedding celebrant?

Registrars and religious services are required to follow a fairly rigid and inflexible template, while a celebrant is free to set the structure, content and tempo of your ceremony as you see fit.

What is the difference with a registrar service?

  1. Limited venue choice:
    Registrars may only conduct ceremonies in their own offices or in specifically designated areas of licensed venues. With us you have the freedom to choose where you have your ceremony.
  2. Limits on free speech:
    Registrars are not permitted to incorporate spiritual or religious wording when exchanging vows. With us you have freedom to choose your words spiritual, religious or just loving exchanges.
  3. Additional expenses:
    Registrars charge a premium to conduct ceremonies anywhere other than the Registry Office. Our charges are often all inclusive regardless of your venue and the only extra you would incur would be our minimum travel expenses.

Is a wedding conducted by a celebrant legally binding?

No. If this is something you need (as is often the case), we recommend booking a short registrar’s service at the Registry Office on a separate date. Fees are minimal unless you require the Registrar to travel.

What do your ceremonies involve?

Anything you like. (Really!)

We aim to deliver the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of – whether you’d prefer something religious, spiritual or personal.

No unnecessary restrictions means it’s completely up to you to design your perfect day.

How long does the ceremony run?

As long as you like!

(Although, obviously, whoever owns the venue will have a say in it!)

Can young children and other family members participate?

Of course. There are no restrictions on who can be a part of your special day. You could even include a favoured pet.

What do you wear when conducting our ceremony?

  • Normal dress (various colours, can be co-ordinated with your colour scheme)
  • Plain black outfit
  • Cloak/Celtic dress (used for handfastings)
  • Medieval style dress (why not!)
  • Gothic style

Do you travel outside of Kent?

Absolutely! We are happy to travel anywhere to help facilitate your special day.

Where applicable, we provide estimates for travel and accommodation expenses – all of which are passed on at cost.

How much do you charge?

Please contact us for a quote.

Funeral FAQ

Why choose an independent funeral celebrant?

As with our wedding ceremonies, the advantage is freedom to conduct the ceremony that best suits the person and their wishes and those of the family.

We can include as much or as little religious content as you like, depending on your preferences. We help you say goodbye the way your loved one would have wanted it. You will see the words beforehand and these can be altered to get everything right.

Why us?

Acting for you and the family, you get exactly what you want, with no compromises.

We can visit you at home at your convenience so that those who want to be involved can attend. We’ll share drafts of the script with you and re-draft as many times as needed to get it just right.

We will discuss:

  • Stories/Memories
  • Constructing the service
  • Music
  • Readings/Poems
  • Prayers

Can I plan my own funeral?

Of course. If you have strong feelings about how you wish to be remembered, planning ahead is a good way to achieve that.

It is our speciality that we craft your ceremony in just the way you want. What is more, it is almost certainly guaranteed that it will save you money, as we can source coffins, negotiate with funeral directors and find the cheapest alternatives.

Once done, we recommend storing a copy of your funeral service alongside your will and other important documents. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Can a prayer or hymn be included in a non-religious funeral?

Of course. We always allow you total control over the content of the ceremony.

How much do you charge?

There are charges for aspects of funeral planning, as well as actually conducting the services.

Please contact us for a quote.

Which areas are covered?

We are based in Ashford and we are happy to conduct funerals across Kent.

If travel outside Kent is required, travel costs will need to be considered.


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