Do you want a Handfasting?

20160712_135Do you want a Handfasting?    We travel all over the country and abroad giving couples the true Handfastings, calling on the elements, ancestors, mother earth and father sky.  You can have full circles of family and friends or just a quiet or private ceremony.   You will be consulted over what you will require in your ceremony and these can also include jumping of the broom and the traditional hand tying (both of which can also be included in a wedding or vow renewal).

If you are in the Glastonbury or Somerset area we will be around your area and available for ceremonies between July 3rd up to our setting up on the field of The Healing Weekend on 10th July ready for Handfastings on the field from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th.

Now is the time to book your Handfasting!   Contact us for dates, times and where you wish to be Handfasted.  20160917_156

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