Busy Week ahead

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We have a really busy week ahead of us. Today and tomorrow David is busy finishing off two scripts for funerals to be held during the week, Tuesday he has a meeting with a family to discuss their ceremony for their little boy whose funeral will be next Sunday at one of the Natural Burial Sites, on the evening I have a meeting with a lovely couple to go through what they wish for in their wedding ceremony. Wednesday I am travelling up to my daughters to house and dog sit while they travel up to Yorkshire to attend her Mother In Laws funeral. I should be attending my C&G dressmaking course but I shall have to take some work with me so I don’t fall behind. I will also take all my notes from my meeting so I can start scripting the ceremony while I am away. Also on Wednesday David has one of the funerals. Thursday David will attend the Maidstone BOB club to give out leaflets for the Saturday’s show and then during the day he has the second funeral plus continuing to chase and confirm everyone plus getting the Show’s programme printed.
Friday I will be travelling back home, David will be attending our Ashford BOB club. During the day David will be helping Holly’s Funerals with getting someone ready for their final journey and then transferring them to Tunbridge Wells for their funeral on the Saturday.

Saturday it is our Reflections on Death and Dying show to be held in Tenterden Zion Baptist Church, the show will open at 10am until 4.30pm but we will be there from 8am showing everyone where their stands are organising those last minute little things. We are hoping to see a good many people coming through the doors to talk to our vendors as well as listening to the many talks throughout the day and having a tea or coffee in the café. At 2.30pm we will be holding a ‘Death Cafe’ in the café area for those people who wish to just talk through their experiences. After the finish it will be clearing everything away and making it clean for use as a Church again on the Sunday. I think after that we will be in need of a good meal and drink!

Sunday David then has the funeral at the Natural Burial Centre. We then have a few days grace before I travel up to Guildford for a meeting with another lovely couple to discuss their ceremony.

On Sunday 1st May I shall be attending the Wedding Fayre to be held at Abbots Barton Hotel in Canterbury. This will be my last Wedding Fayre until September because the wedding season will start in ernest! I was contacted about a Handfasting to be held on that weekend but the couple have now put it back until October, I have also been contacted for another Handfasting around the bank holiday so waiting to hear back if that one is to go ahead.

It is at this time of the year that we (Celebrants) are contacted by a few couples that have decided, or for one reason or another, to bring forward their ceremonies and the time scale is very short. This does throw up a few problems, a) that we may be already booked, however, we do try to find someone who is not booked and refer the couple on if possible. b) it does not give us much time for the required meetings to sort out exactly what the couple require in their ceremony and we all do try to do everything possible to make sure you have the same standard of ceremony as those that have booked us months or years ahead. So please, please book your Celebrant quickly in order not to be disappointed and more often than not if you book your wedding during the week instead of the weekend you may find that we are free. Every year there is one date that everyone seems to want and last year it was August 15th. Between myself and my celebrant colleagues we could have tripled booked that date, but unfortunately there were a lot of disappointed couples. That day I had a Handfasting booked near Brighton and on the Sunday a Vow Renewal in Beckhill. I will let you know which date was the most popular this year after the season but I have already turned two ceremonies down for May 21st and I know my colleague is booked that date too.

Here to a full and wonderful Wedding season!

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