Baby Naming

Looking to welcome a new life into the world? Why not do so with a Baby Naming ceremony.

Until recently, the only option available to celebrate such an occasion would have been a christening.

Why a Baby Naming Ceremony?

For some people, the idea of introducing their child to the world of religion at such an early stage can be troubling. Perhaps the parents are not of the same religion, or have chosen to avoid religion altogether. In these cases, the opportunity to celebrate the child’s life is often missed – as the easiest alternative to a christening would be not to celebrate at all. Baby naming ceremonies are a lovely way to celebrate the birth of your child.

We believe every life should be celebrated – in whatever way makes sense to you.

What is being celebrated?

Our naming ceremony is a beautiful opportunity for the child’s nearest and dearest to celebrate the new arrival and publicly declare their commitment and love in the way they wish.

Is it just for babies?

These days, some children may reach their early teens without ever having had a formal naming ceremony. It’s never too late! Older children who missed out on the experience earlier in life can have a special ceremony designed just for them, perhaps tied into their birthday celebration (nobody ever forgets those!).

Indeed, we offer ceremonies for any rite of passage:

  • First day at a new school or kindergarten
  • Becoming a Teen
  • A new phase of their lives
  • Coming of Age
  • Retirement

If you feel this kind of ceremony is for you, please get in touch so that we can meet and discuss your needs.