A Wedding at Port Lymne Manor


A Wedding at Port Lymne Manor was always going to be special, not because it is a beautiful venue full of lovely places to explore and that is just the house, the gardens are breath taking with glorious views out to the English Channel and then of course there is the offer of further adventures into the Wildlife park,

But I get ahead of myself, firstly after our time away at The Healing Weekend, I had to prepare everything for Louise and Callum’s special ceremony.   20160712_249

Louise and Callum's Party Ceremony

Louise and Callum’s Party Ceremony

This was a secret ceremony one that their guests knew nothing about.   The guests had been invited to a party and once everyone had arrived the DJ asked everyone to sit down because there was a special surprise and I then led Louise and Callum onto the dance floor.  20160712_291 Both were extremely nervous and I think they were glad when it was finished, they didn’t really like being the centre of attention. Once over they were crowded around by their guests congratulating them so I believe they thought it had been worth the embarrassment.   Both thanked me for helping them through it.  I do hope they partied well afterwards they certainly deserve it for being so brave.



Back to Port Lymne, David and Christine’s wedding was organised to perfection as is their way.   I was very honoured to be part of that perfect organisation, and I believe that Christine appreciated that I too liked to be super organised and that she could leave the ceremony arrangement to me and know that it would be perfect.   They wrote their own vows to say not only to each other but to each other’s boys too. Five boys between them and they were all fully included in the ceremony.20160715_439

When it was time to say those vows everyone was in tears, they were so heartfelt and delivered so emotionally, even I, who knew what they were going to say had to hide behind one of the concrete pillars to wipe my eyes and blew my nose!

Afterwards, Christine and David insisted on having a photograph with me and then we said goodbye and Christine gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear ‘Thank you’ over and over again, so many times that I was in tears again. David told me that their guests had said that it was THE best ceremony they had ever witnessed. I am so please that they got their perfect ceremony dream. Job done!20160715_561

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