A very busy week

It has been a really busy week this week.  We had Jon and Katy’s wedding on the 3rd September, this ceremony had been book for some time and our meetings were very early so even though we had kept in touch through emails it was lovely to meet up with them again and also meet their lovely children.   20160903_346

The wedding ceremony was not to take place at a Grand place but in the grounds of their friends pub with teepees for the party area.  It may not have everything a Grand place could offer but you could feel the love all around.   The children were so well behaved and polite, such a credit to Katy and Jon.   They all had duties and carried them out brilliantly.20160903_501

We had a rare Sunday off but then there was the general household duties and also some gardening.  Monday and Tuesday I was catching up and writing a script for a last minute wedding on the Friday.  The couple had cancelled their previous ceremony due to the Bride’s father falling ill but they decided to go ahead with the arranged Party.  However, the Groom’s mother contacted me to ask if I was free to conduct their ceremony.  Once she knew I was free she talked to the couple who were all for it too.

But before the Friday it has been a busy week with organising a CPR training session for the villages, a Healing session book in,  on Thursday we had to be up early to catch the train to London to attend The Good Funeral Awards luncheon.  David decided to wear a new waistcoat that I made for him,  I will add that he had chosen the material.   I believe due to this he caught the eye of The Independent photographer and the photo was included in an article in the Newspaper.   The actual luncheon was delayed due to late comers so we only just had time to eat our dessert before having to rush to catch the train home, throw some food at our dogs and then rush out to the new Team Vicars inaugural service.at-the-2016-good-funeral-awards

Friday found us out in the morning to a meeting of friends to discuss several projects for our Reflections of death and dying side.  We came home and I was busy altering the script for the afternoon with last minute changes.

The ceremony was for 4pm so I was at the venue the Boys Hall in Ashford, for just gone 3pm and chattered with the Bride , Groom and Sue, my first contact.  The venue is a licenced Registered premises but, because they could, the couple rejected the usual Gazebo for a lovely corner of the beautiful gardens.   Again it was a small affair but that did not take away the intimacy of the ceremony and the feeling of love and support the family gave the couple.20160909_582

So back to the present, a weekend off to recover?  well that is how to view it, but it is, again, a catch up time on those household chores, making lists of things that need to be done in the next couple of days, doing them, and then Monday packing my suit case for my travels to see family and attend the funeral of a loved Aunt and then returning on Thursday to finished everything for the rehearsal on Friday and the ceremony on the Saturday.  Then the first Wedding fair of the season on Sunday a   t the lovely venue of Port Lympne Manor.  After which we will be packing up for our much needed Holiday.  But that is not the end, on the way back  from holidays we will be stopping at Leicester to conduct a hand fasting.

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