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Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries and Birthdays where the subject of two ceremonies that I conducted at this time last year.   They were held on the Saturday and Sunday but due to the leap year their Anniversaries were this Monday and today Tuesday.

The first ceremony wasHugh and Jill 2500 x 2000 for Hugh and Jill, who wanted not only to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary with a Vow Renewal but also have a party for Hugh’s final retirement.   We did managed to incorporate the retirement into the ceremony as well as their Anniversary.   The ceremony also included all their children and grandchildren.  Two of the grandchildren read out a poem to their grandparents.  At the end the whole family were involved in a Sand Ceremony.   It was a lovely and touching family ceremony with tears and laughter.


The second ceremony of the weekend was so very different.  It was a Baby Naming for Alfie.   Like Hugh and Jill’s ceremo20150308_230ny there was also another celebration, this time it was Alfie’s first birthday!

Alfie’s parents wanted a very relaxed and casual ceremony so that is what we created.  The ceremony was full of fun and laughter with all their friends and relatives.   Alfie had a lot of guardians who all wrote their own vows which they read out to Alfie .  They too were very moving and amusing.   After the ceremony it was time for Alfie to enjoy his birthday party.   In spite of being early March I remember that it was a gorgious sunny and warm day, I was glad that I had worn a short sleeved dress!

So Happy Anniversary to Hugh, Jill and Alfie, I hope you all enjoyed celebrating another year.

If you are looking to celebrate your Anniversary and want to know more about Vow Renewals or want to know more about Baby Naming please do contact me.