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Andy and Holly walking to their Hand fasting circle

Andy and Holly walking to their Hand fasting circle


Welcome to our website which is all about the ceremonies that you will have or attend in your lifetime.   The Life’s Ceremonies aim is to help you through and maybe introduce you to new ceremonies or new ways of conducting your ceremony.

Humans have had rites of passage for as long as we have gathered together in groups and tribes. These shared experiences bring us closer together – we help you get even closer.

Even the smallest events in our lives leave lasting memories (we all remember our first day at school!), while “once-in-a-lifetime” events like weddings, baby namings or funerals will often involve months or years of planning. That’s where we come in.     20160602_85

If you’d like to create lasting memories for yourself and your loved ones, we’re here to help.

Are you free on…?

We are available to conduct your ceremony every day of the year.

If we’re not available when you need us, as members of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants, we can always help put you in touch with one of our trusted colleagues.

20160228_4We are attending a few Wedding Fairs throughout 2017 and you can find the details posted onThe Healing weekend poster 2017 our Blog page.  Please do come along and talk to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.
We will also be attending The Healing Weekend again this year and offering Handfastings on the field.  If you are interested please do contact us.

 Where are you?

Everywhere! We’re based in East Kent, but we’re big fans of the outdoors and would travel Nationwide. Tell us where you are, we’ll come to you!

Stuck for venue ideas? We can help you choose.